Ages are different depending on the piercing. Navel, nose, helix, tragus, and eyebrows, the age we will pierce is 14+
Lip and tongue is 15+
Tongue web, septum, daith, rook, and conch is 16+
Forward helix and industrial is 17+

Nipple piercings and dermals 18+

Ear lobes we will pierce ages 5 and up.

No. Before artists draw anything you must have made an appointment with the artist that you have spoken with.

16 years old with parents consent and artist must be okay with the design you want. We have the right to refuse tattooing minors if we don’t agree with the tattoo you are wanting. This isn’t to pick on you, it’s to save you from regretting it in the future.

Yes we accept all forms of credit cards and we do cash as well!

Yes! We have a large selection of upgraded jewelry, plugs, stretching kits, etc. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, one of our receptionists or piercer will place an order for you!

Please call the shop. One of our receptionists can help you with any piercing needs.

Absolutely not. The day of your appointment you must be well rested, well fed, and completely sober. If you come in under the influence, you will be asked to leave and you will lose your appointment and deposit.

Yes. We have to have a copy for our records. The health department requires us to have a valid, photo ID for our records. If the procedure is being done on a minor, you must be accompanied by an adult with a photo ID, and must have an ID or birth certificate for the minor.

Our policy states that if you need to reschedule your appointment, you must do it 24 hours or sooner or it is a loss of deposit. If you are more than 15 minutes late and don’t call ahead of time, it’s a loss of deposit. And if you just do not show up it’s an automatic loss of deposit. No Exceptions!

Yes we do as long as it’s done one year after your tattoo was done, and doesn’t need touched up due to negligence. You must follow our aftercare sheets for best healing possible. We do not do free touch ups on hands, fingers, feet, or lips.

We do! We have them at the shop and can load any amount $25 – $500!

Yes! All appointments require a deposit, unless you come in on a walk-in day which we have almost everyday of the week with a different artist. Or, you can call the shop and check for availability.

Pricing a tattoo has many factors involved. Sizing, placement, skin tone, black and grey, color, etc. To get pricing for a tattoo you must first stop in and speak with one of our artists with your ideas, and they will determine pricing, sessions, etc.

Yes. Your parents or legal guardian must be here during any piercing or tattooing procedures, with the proper paperwork. We require a form of ID for minors and parents or legal guardians. If a minor does not have a valid state ID, a birth certificate will suffice. Parents must also have their ID’s and be present at the time of the piercing or tattoo procedure. If they are a legal guardian, we must have paperwork to verify that.

Yes! Jewelry is included with all piercings. We only use ASTM 136 Implant grade titanium jewelry. We also have a variety of upgrades available for select piercings.

Yes you can. We can take deposits over the phone with your credit or debit card. However, we must know how long an artist needs you to sit for. That will determine the cost of your initial deposit.

Yes. You should ALWAYS eat and be well rested before any tattoo or piercing.

Do NOT hesitate to stop in or call any time for any problems that may arise. We always have someone in the shop that can help you.

No. No children under the age of 14 is allowed in the shop. If you want to get ears pierced for someone under 14, you must call and make an evening appointment.

Yes. From time to time we do take piercing or tattooing apprenticeships. If you would like to inquire on availability, please send a message to our Facebook or Instagram pages, and someone will let you know what you need to do, or if we are even taking any at the time. (If you are serious about a tattoo apprenticeship, you must have a good, solid art portfolio ahead of time.)